Study confirms Muslims have the highest life satisfaction

Over 67,000 non-students were surveyed by researchers at the University of Mannheim in Germany to determine how ‘oneness’ affected life satisfaction across different religions. Due to the belief that they were connected to something larger than themselves, it was found that Muslims were most likely to be the ones with a higher life satisfaction over other faiths. ‘Oneness’ as a personality marker can be used to distinguish between people who seek and make more meaningful connections with others, the world around them, and the almighty entity of God.


3 Things You Can Do for Healthier Work/Personal Relationships

It doesn’t matter how good you are with your planner, time management, or habits. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat or how fit you are. If you don’t get a handle on cultivating healthy relationships in your life, you will lose a lot of time, energy, and faith.

Here a the 3 things people in healthy relationships do and what you can learn from that.


What the iPhone FaceTime Hack Can Teach us about Taqwa

A bug has recently been discovered in the iPhone’s iOS software which allows people to listen in on other iPhone users through FaceTime even if they don’t accept the call.

This got me thinking about Taqwa (having consciousness of Allah). Our relationship with our Creator, Allah is that in which there is no privacy. We cannot hide anything from Him. He is the All-Hearing and the All-Seeing. And it’s not just our physical actions, He knows what is in our minds and hearts.

Imagine there was a iPhone pointed at us constantly with someone watching and listening through FaceTime on the other end. How would we behave? Would we do anything we don’t want others to see? Of course not.

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