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View the list of 182 countries that prayer times are available for.

Explore our extensive collection of prayer times, covering a vast array of 182 countries from around the world. This comprehensive list of countries offers you a remarkable opportunity to access precise prayer timings for various regions across the globe. Whether you're seeking prayer times for a specific country, planning your daily prayers while traveling internationally, or simply interested in the diversity of prayer schedules worldwide, our platform provides a rich and diverse resource for you to explore and connect with the global community.

Letter No of countries beginning with letter
A 12
B 17
C 15
D 5
E 7
F 5
G 12
H 4
I 7
J 3
K 5
L 6
M 15
N 9
O 1
P 10
Q 1
R 3
S 22
T 10
U 8
V 2
Y 1
Z 2
Total 182