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Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are, a prayer calculations web site that has been established for over 15 years.

We are now offering premium advertising space on our site allowing businesses like yourselves to reach muslims across the world.

Why Advertise With Us?
  • We are the most popular prayer site on the internet, due to our ease of use.
  • We have over 30,000 page views daily.
  • We have over 700,000 locations on our database. Each location offers downloadable and printable timetable formats for Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, Text and CSV.
  • We are used by businesses, mosques, universities and individuals, altogether a massive target audience for your business.
  • We allow advertising in all locations for a specific country, eg if you wanted to advertise in the UK, your advert would appear on all locations that we hold for the UK, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds etc.
  • We also offer advertising in a particular location eg London, Chicago, New Delhi etc. In this case your advert would only appear in the chosen location(s). You can choose as many locations as you like and they can span across different countries if required. Please contact us directly for more information.
Advertising Packages - Types

We are currently offering 2 types of advertising packages:

  • Banner advert - Your advert appears on the top of every page.
  • Side advert - Your advert appears on the right hand side of every page.
Both packages offer the following features:
  • Administer your advert online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our unique online advert administration system. This allows you to change your advert online at any time.
  • All advert clicks are recorded and this data can be exported to either CSV or PDF. View a pdf sample of this data.
Advertising Packages - Prices

UK Side Banner Monthly £60.00

USA Side Banner Monthly £50.00

India Top Banner Monthly £70.00

India Side Banner Monthly £50.00

Canada Top Banner Monthly £70.00

Canada Side Banner Monthly £50.00

Germany Top Banner Monthly £70.00

Germany Side Banner Monthly £50.00

Australia Top Banner Monthly £70.00

Australia Side Banner Monthly £50.00