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  40 Signs You’ve Really “Made It”
  What the iPhone FaceTime Hack Can Teach us about Taqwa
27 Feb 2019

A bug has recently been discovered in the iPhone’s iOS software which allows people to listen in on other iPhone users through FaceTime even if they don’t accept the call.

This got me thinking about Taqwa (having consciousness of Allah). Our relationship with our Creator, Allah is that in which there is no privacy. We cannot hide anything from Him. He is the All-Hearing and the All-Seeing. And it’s not just our physical actions, He knows what is in our minds and hearts.

Imagine there was a iPhone pointed at us constantly with someone watching and listening through FaceTime on the other end. How would we behave? Would we do anything we don’t want others to see? Of course not.

  10 Habits For Happiness
19 Feb 2019

One of the primary objectives of Islām is to establish happiness in this world. The objectives of the Sharīʿah have shown that if this dīn were practised and applied, there would not only be more justice and fairness, but more specifically happiness—for people, animals and our external environment. So Allāh wants us to be happy, and He re-affirms this in many different places in the Qur’ān.

  Three Simple Steps to Live a Productive Life
18 Feb 2019

As believers we must always strive for the best in everything we do. We should all aim high and work consistently to better ourselves bi’ithnillah. Here are three simple steps we can take in order to have a more productive and successful life Insha’Allah.

  A Short Reminder Why Praying Is So Important
  The 5 Levels of Prayer
31 Dec 2018

When it comes to prayer, people are of five levels - which level are you?

  4 Ways Muslims Can Make the Most of Winter
20 Dec 2018

Long winter cosy nights are here! In the academic world, that also means a long winter holiday. Sleeping in, hot drinks, the lot! Short, cold and gloomy days may also stunt our productivity levels. So here are ways we can make the most of this winter Inshaa Allah

  The Struggles of Praying at Work
07 Dec 2018

I was alone in the room, standing calmly, trying my best to focus on this very exclusive meeting I was in, then suddenly… the door opened, followed by footsteps and loud talking….it all went downhill from there. I lost my focus. I lost the precious moment I was in as my mind started wondering “what will they think of me now?”

  Why We Need Barakah At Work and Where to Find It
30 Aug 2018

Is workplace something to be isolated from spirituality? Can enhancing spirituality bring about improve our productivity at work? Read more

  Your Life is a Battle - Here are 7 Ways to Win
09 Aug 2018

Every morning when you wake up, a battle begins. It’s a battle between forces that want you to become the best version of yourself and others that want to drag you down to become the worst version of yourself. These forces (some are internal, others are external) are always at war with each other, trying to win your soul to join them. And every day, through your choices and actions, you’re strengthening and supporting one force or the other. More

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