Salahtimes is now on facebook!

As-salam alaykum. We are pleased to announce that Mashallah we are now on facebook. We will be posting daily hadiths on facebook. Please like us and let all of your friends know. Jazak Allah Khayr

Are you looking to learn tajweed?

Then head to Love for Quran. You will find a very user friendly website with PDF documents which are accompanied by audio mp3 recordings. Its never been easier to improve your arabic and now you can do it at your convenience and of course its free.

What Comes Next After Ramadan?

With Ramadan drawing to a close, most Muslims are reflecting upon what they have attained: What do I want to be like after Ramadan? What can I do to achieve that? Read more...

14 page Dhikr Chart

The Messenger (PBUH) said "Shall I not tell you the best of your deeds, the nicest to your Owner, the highest in your ranks, better for you than spending gold and silver, and better for you than meeting your enemy whereupon you strike their necks and they strike your necks?" They said "Yes, O Messenger of Allah. The rememberance of Allah (dhikr). (i.e Dhikr is better than giving in charity, jihad and martyrdom). Get your Dhikr Chart
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