7 Ways to Make Eid More Exciting for Children

What are we doing to revive the spirit of Eid?

It goes without saying that the memories created as a child are the ones that stick for the rest of your life. If the only difference for Muslim children on Eid day is the addition of a trip to the local mosque for Eid prayer, some extra food and a quick visit to their uncle’s house, then there’s no wonder they are becoming more and more detached from this beautiful tradition.


Quality Vs Quantity

A brief but important reminder (4:30) about the Quality versus Quantity in relation to Islam and Muslims.

Purpose of Ramadan

What is the purpose of Ramadan. What do Muslims hope to achieve in Ramadan? Is it just to fast for 30 days or is there more? Watch this video (4:53) to find out the real reasons behind Ramadan

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