USA Prayer times now available!!

We would like to announce that Salahtimes can now provide prayer times for the USA. Inshallah in the coming months, this will be expanded to more countries worldwide!. Please inform your friends and family abroad of this great news! We are grateful for your loyalty and support. May Allah reward you.

New Islamic phone always points towards Mecca

As the market trends towards ever more powerful smartphones fuelled by apps of all shapes and sizes, one company aims to eschew this approach, targeting its new handset specifically towards Muslims...More

Missed Salat al-Fajr?

Many of us complain that we miss Salat al-Fajr and hardly even Pray it at right time. Some of us wake up after the sun has risen. Some complain that they try to wake up at Right time but don’t succeed. Before discussing the solution to this problem, a Muslim should know the importance of Salaat Al-Fajr. More...

Advertise on

We now offer advertising space on our website due to popular demand by our users. We aim to bring to you businesses and services which are based on ethical and Islamic values.
Our aim Inshallah is to provide the ummah and the muslim community in the UK with an essential comprehensive online reference source of business, services and social information from every sector across the UK.
As we begin to provide prayer times across the world, you will have the option of giving your business worldwide exposure should you wish to do so.
Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to advertise on the site.
May Allah guide us on this new venture.

Your help is required

Brothers and sisters Interpal has drafted letters that supporters may post to Lloyds TSB, the Prime Minister and the Bank of England, in relation to Lloyds TSB ordering IBB (Islamic Bank Of Britain) to cease all dealing with Interpal. Please visit Interpal for more information. Please do sign up to the online petitions as well as sending out the letters. You can show support to your brothers and sisters in Palestine by spending a few minutes of your time filling in these drafted letters.

Help provide a ray of hope

How would you feel if after a whole day of fasting, you only had a cup of water and a piece of bread to open your fast? Millions of people all over over the world actually have less than that. A donation of any kind can make a very real difference to the lives of people affected by famine, war and natural disasters. To make a donation please visit, Interpal, Islamic Relief, Islamic Aid or Muslim Hands.
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