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Frequently Asked Questions (faq) - Search for 'latitude'

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How accurate are these prayer times?

Prayer times are established through a rigorous calculation and formula that consider multiple factors, including the latitude and longitude of a specific location. Consequently, variations in prayer times can arise when different organizations use these calculations, resulting in approximations that may differ.

Additionally, in regions with high latitudes, discrepancies in prayer times are even more pronounced, particularly during the summer months.

As a result, the introduction of the high latitude method became necessary to provide a practical approximation.

What accounts for the variations in Fajr and Isha prayer times compared to other sources?

Kindly verify whether you have experimented with adjusting the "prayer calculation method" and the "high latitude method." These methods are the primary factors contributing to variations in Fajr and Isha prayer timings.

It's important to bear in mind that different prayer times websites may employ distinct formulas and sets of parameters, resulting in varying outcomes. Consequently, prayer times obtained from one source may differ when compared to another, whether that source is another website or a timetable provided by your local mosque.

View all our frequently asked questions