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These are the 2 schools of thoughts for determining the start of asar prayer times
These 2 schools of thoughts use different criteria to determine the start of asar prayer. They do not affect the timings of the other prayers.

Shafi: The start of asar is when the shadow of any vertical object exceeds the length of an object
Hanafi: The start of asar is when the shadow of any vertical object exceeds twice the length of an object

Usually Hanafi asar time is approximately 1 hour later than Shafi asar prayer time.
Muslims pray 5 times a day. The times of each prayer vary from place to place and from day to day. It is vital that Muslims perform these prayers at the correct time
The 5 prayers are described below:

Starts at dawn or morning twilight
Ends just before sunrise

Starts at approximately 5 minutes after Zawaal
Ends at start of asar time

The start of asar is dependant upon the length of the shadow that is cast by an object. Different schools use different criteria.
Ends just before sunset

Starts at sunset
Ends at the start of Isha (i.e. when there is reddishness in the sky)

Starts after dusk
Ends when the evening twilight disappears (i.e. when it first starts to get light)