3 Steps to Supercharge Your Health, Energy & Productivity this Ramadan

Ramadan is the time where the busiest of Muslims become busier. This blessed month brings new commitments to juggle including work, family, early suhoor – not to mention trying to catch adequate hours of sleep in between! It sometimes feels like we are working a second job! No wonder so many Muslims struggle with feelings of tiredness & low-energy while fasting. Whilst many Muslims aim to increase their worship while optimizing productivity at work & at home, you might be thinking, ‘Why are we talking about health during Ramadan?”
We can think about our health as the necessary condition for us to accomplish anything in life. But how can we set out to perform each of our responsibilities this month with ihsaan if we are fatigued due to neglecting our health? Productive Muslim outlines 3 simple steps to ensure peak performance during the Ramadan. Health isn't the goal, but a means to spiritual and worldly success

How to Overcome Pre-Ramadan Information Overload!

There seems to be a surge of Ramadan preparation resources – courses, notes, videos, webinars, books – and you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed. That is understandable, so how do you manage this information overload without feeling like it’ll freeze you from taking any action at all?. Here are 5 top tips to overcoming pre-Ramadan information overload

7 Surprising Tips about Leadership from the First Revelation of the Qur’an

Have you ever been in a position where you’ve been asked to lead a team, an organization, or a company, and your instinctive reaction is that you’re not ready for it? If you have, then this story from the Islamic tradition might help ease your distress: it is the story of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) when he received the first revelation of the Qur’an.

There are several lessons from this story for the newly appointed leader who is nervous about their new role


How to Consistently Wake Up 45 Minutes Before Fajr Adhan

One of the challenges that a Muslim faces when trying to wake up for Fajr every day is the constant shifting of the Fajr prayer. Depending on the season you’re in, it constantly shifts either few minutes forward each day or a few minutes back each day. Thus, it can be difficult to keep up with a varied Fajr schedule throughout the year. So how does one overcome this challenge?

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