Quality Vs Quantity

A brief but important reminder (4:30) about the Quality versus Quantity in relation to Islam and Muslims.

Purpose of Ramadan

What is the purpose of Ramadan. What do Muslims hope to achieve in Ramadan? Is it just to fast for 30 days or is there more? Watch this video (4:53) to find out the real reasons behind Ramadan

One of the BEST DEEDS to do in Ramadan

Taskforce GLM will be visiting the Syrian people to hand deliver the food parcels which you donate. Every penny is spent on these parcels, with 0% admin costs.

Help feed the Syrian people this Ramadan. Let's make the holy month more bearable by providing Iftaar packs to the Syrian Refugees so they can also enjoy an Iftaar at the end of the day.

Go home and evaluate yourself and evaluate your family, and ask yourself what have you done to contribute or to address the critical issues facing humanity? Donate Today

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