USA Prayer times now available!!

We would like to announce that Salahtimes can now provide prayer times for the USA. Inshallah in the coming months, this will be expanded to more countries worldwide!. Please inform your friends and family abroad of this great news! We are grateful for your loyalty and support. May Allah reward you.

New Islamic phone always points towards Mecca

As the market trends towards ever more powerful smartphones fuelled by apps of all shapes and sizes, one company aims to eschew this approach, targeting its new handset specifically towards Muslims...More

Missed Salat al-Fajr?

Many of us complain that we miss Salat al-Fajr and hardly even Pray it at right time. Some of us wake up after the sun has risen. Some complain that they try to wake up at Right time but don’t succeed. Before discussing the solution to this problem, a Muslim should know the importance of Salaat Al-Fajr. More...
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