Your help is required

Brothers and sisters Interpal has drafted letters that supporters may post to Lloyds TSB, the Prime Minister and the Bank of England, in relation to Lloyds TSB ordering IBB (Islamic Bank Of Britain) to cease all dealing with Interpal. Please visit Interpal for more information. Please do sign up to the online petitions as well as sending out the letters. You can show support to your brothers and sisters in Palestine by spending a few minutes of your time filling in these drafted letters.

Help provide a ray of hope

How would you feel if after a whole day of fasting, you only had a cup of water and a piece of bread to open your fast? Millions of people all over over the world actually have less than that. A donation of any kind can make a very real difference to the lives of people affected by famine, war and natural disasters. To make a donation please visit, Interpal, Islamic Relief, Islamic Aid or Muslim Hands.
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