7 Things To-Do In Times of Hardship

Whenever a person faces hardship, it’s easy for him/her to give up and walk away from their challenges or complain and blame those around him/her. They fall into depression, feel sad about their situation and feel powerless. They don’t understand “why this is happening to them” or “what they did to deserve this”. But for a ProductiveMuslim, his/her way of thinking is completely different. Read more

Six Super Tips to Recharge Your Iman

Ever felt like you’re having an Iman dip? That after being a very active, productive Muslim – praying on time, reading Qur’an frequently, always looking forward to doing good deeds – you are becoming lazy and that your enthusiasm to perform the same way is fading? Read more

My Ummah! My Ummah!

We spend our nights with our families/friends, socialising, relaxing, and enjoying ourselves. We spend our nights occupying ourselves with what pleases/concerns us. The Prophet (peace be upon him) spent his nights worrying and praying for his Ummah! Tears would fill his eyes in Sujood and he would stay in this position all night. Read more:

Hunger - The Biggest Challenge of Our Century

Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night, even though there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. Islamic Relief is joining the UK’s leading agencies in the biggest campaign of its kind since Make Poverty History to press our politicians to do more to tackle hunger – the biggest challenge of our century. More
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